Physicians with Heart: Dr. Neill Videlefsky

Dr. Neill Videlefsky loves going to work every day. He feels that it is a privilege to care for his patients and their families. A significant part of the reason he loves his job as a cardiologist so much is because “the outlook for the vast majority of children with congenital heart disease is excellent.” As time goes on and with modern technology, there is so much available to our patients – particularly with respect to interventional cardiology, biomedical engineering, computer simulation and other innovations.

He goes on to explain, “In the past, many young patients would need open heart surgery. Now many of these children can be cured of their congenital heart disease by interventional procedures in the catheterization lab at the Children’s Heart Center that require just a one-night hospital stay. Parents and families have every reason to be optimistic and look forward to their child having a normal lifespan and a normal quality of life.” He is inspired by the resilience of his patients and appreciates the opportunity to form deep and long-lasting relationships that span from prenatal visits to young adulthood.

Dr. Videlefsky’s journey to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Cardiology began thousands of miles away in South Africa, where he was able to provide care to underserved patients. Following medical school as well as completing a pediatric fellowship, he moved to Atlanta with his wife and two children (he now has three) for a pediatric cardiology fellowship and residency at Emory University School of Medicine.

After developing his own private pediatric cardiology practice, he and his patients joined the team at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Cardiology in 2016. He enjoys the academics and comprehensive approach to care. Children’s Cardiology’s vision of teamwork, integrity and service are guiding principles in his daily work.

Children’s Cardiology provides comprehensive cardiology care from diagnosis ­– even prenatally in the case of many of my patients – to imaging, ongoing care management, and support from ancillary health services including social workers, nutritionists, genetics counselors, and other subspecialties involved in the care of patients with congenital heart disease.

Dr. Videlefsky focuses on two main areas: fetal cardiology and general cardiology with an emphasis on complex congenital heart disease. He spends a great deal of time assessing, diagnosing, counseling and formulating management plans for delivery of infants with complex congenital heart disease.

Additionally, as a general pediatric cardiologist, he sees patients in an outpatient office setting for various conditions ranging from complex congenital heart disease to teenagers presenting with fainting, palpitations, or chest pains.

When asked about any advice he would offer to a family just hearing news of their child’s congenital heart disease diagnosis. Dr. Videlefsky advises families to take things one step at a time, to seek answers to any questions and to feel empowered as part of the team aiming to provide the best possible care for their child.

Dr. Videlefsky provides outpatient care and complete consultation services for expectant mothers as a part of the Fetal Cardiology Program at our Lawrenceville and Scottish Rite clinics. Dr. Videlefsky also provides consultations and patient care at more than 40 hospitals across Georgia as a part of our City Call Program.

Neill Videlefsky, M.D.


  • Medical School: University Witwatersrand, South Africa
  • Residency: Emory University School of Medicine
  • Fellowship: Emory University School of Medicine

Areas of Focus:

  • Fetal echocardiography
  • Complex congenital heart disease
  • Children with syndromes and chromosome anomalies associated with congenital heart disease
  • Teaching medical students and residents

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