Nurse Practitioner with Heart: Kelsey Dyes

Kelsey Dyes, pediatric cardiology nurse practitioner, joined Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Cardiology in Macon just before the pandemic took off in February of 2020. Although it’s been an incredibly stressful time to work in healthcare, she said you wouldn’t know it from the environment at Sibley.

Everyone rolls with the changes with a smile,” Kelsey said. “We’re supported in our concerns, and it’s still enjoyable to come to work, even with everything going on. The team is amazing, and they spend extra time educating our families and ensuring they feel heard and supported.”

Kelsey said she has always wanted to work with kids and began her nursing career in a pediatric ICU in Savannah. She returned home to Macon while pursuing her nurse practitioner degree at University of Alabama at Birmingham and has since earned her doctorate. While in school, she did a rotation in outpatient primary pediatric care at Sibley with Brian Cardis, MD, and Wesley Blackwood, MD.

“I wanted to have every opportunity I could possibly have,” Kelsey said. “I don’t want to ever be out of patient care, but if someday I’m interested in teaching or conducting research, I’d like to have all those opportunities available to me.”

Working at the Macon clinic means that Kelsey sees a variety of new patients coming for evaluations for heart murmurs, high blood pressure, chest pains or palpitations as well as patients with CHD. The variety keeps her days interesting and challenging, and she appreciates how everyone supports each other and is willing to answer questions and work together to provide excellent patient care.

“I enjoy following CHD patients throughout their lives and see them flourish after surgery,” Kelsey said. “You can see the pride in their faces when they experience little victories, and it’s rewarding to watch young patients getting involved in their own care, such as when we’re helping them control high blood pressure. It’s fun to join them in that journey of hitting milestones and goals that they set.”

Kelsey grew up in Macon and was away for a decade after she left for college. Her family drew her back to the area. She is now married with a baby son and her goals have expanded to include getting as much rest as possible with a newborn and spending time at the lake when she’s not working.

“I’m very grateful for my position at Sibley and the opportunity to work with two doctors who are so supportive, knowledgeable and love to teach,” Kelsey said. 

Kelsey Dyes, MSN, CPNP-AC/PC, RN


  • Undergrad Degree: University of Georgia
  • Graduate School: University of Alabama Birmingham

Professional Affiliations:

  • National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners

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