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Sibley Heart Center Cardiology is comprised of more than 50 pediatric cardiologists providing comprehensive services for patients with acquired or congenital heart disease. From before birth to age 21, our patients receive individualized treatment based on their development and condition at one of our more than 20 locations throughout Georgia. Our cardiologists are available to provide inpatient consultations and patient care at more than 40 Georgia hospitals through our City Call Program.


accessCHOA is a free, secure, Web-based electronic health record system that gives you instant access to your patients’ information. Use it to place an order for outpatient testing or rehab therapy and notes or instructions for the order; check for appointment status and patient scheduling information; view results and notes; access billing, clinical or visit information about your patients seen at Children’s.

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Webinar Recordings

Some Sibley hosted webinars are designated as CME approved. For CME approved webinars, physicians will receive a course evaluation email upon completion. Complete and submit the form to receive CME certificate. Email with questions.

Fetal Cardiology Program Newsletter

The Fetal Cardiology Program at the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Heart Center provides complete consultation services for expectant mothers whose unborn children have suspected or known heart problems.

Led by Erik Michelfelder, MD, a Pediatric Cardiologist at Children’s, the Fetal Cardiology Program is dedicated to providing exemplary care to the fetus diagnosed with structural or functional heart disease, as well as supporting the fetus and expectant family in a compassionate, comprehensive manner.

Sign-up to receive our Fetal Cardiology Program Newsletter. Program highlights, new research, case studies, patient feedback, weekly fetal doctor of the day alerts, webinars and other relevant fetal information.

Fetal Cardiology Program

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