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Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Cardiology is comprised of more than 50 pediatric cardiologists providing comprehensive services for patients with acquired or congenital heart disease. From before birth to age 21, our patients receive individualized treatment based on their development and condition at one of our more than 20 locations throughout Georgia. Our cardiologists are available to provide inpatient consultations and patient care at more than 40 Georgia hospitals through our City Call Program.


accessCHOA is a free, secure, Web-based electronic health record system that gives you instant access to your patients’ information. Use it to place an order for outpatient testing or rehab therapy and notes or instructions for the order; check for appointment status and patient scheduling information; view results and notes; access billing, clinical or visit information about your patients seen at Children’s.

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Cardiology Educational Lectures and Webinars

Children’s Cardiology offers a variety of educational opportunities, including continuing medical education (CME) and web-based recordings.

Continuing Medical Education

At Children’s Cardiology, we strive to support you by offering continuing medical education (CME) opportunities. To request a lecture or webinar, visit or email our Physician Outreach Team ( In-person lectures include one of our pediatric cardiologists visiting your practice to speak about the cardiac topic of your choice. Virtual lectures include one of our pediatric cardiologists presenting an approved topic of your choice using web conferencing.

On-Demand Education

As a physician, it takes a lot of effort to stay current with all the latest research, techniques, and recommendations. Children’s Cardiology offers a variety of NICU and CHD-related Recorded Educational Opportunities for you to listen to at your convenience.

Educational Videos (These links can be shared with patient families)

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Cardiology – Practice Overview: View Video
What to expect during an Electrocardiogram (EKG) and Echocardiogram (ECHO): View Video
How Does Your Child’s Heart Work?: View Video
Congenital Heart Defects Explained: Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome: View Video
Congenital Heart Defects Explained: Tetralogy of Fallot: View Video
Congenital Heart Defects Explained Transposition of the Great Arteries: View Video


Webinar Recordings


Cardiology Resources for Medical Professionals

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Cardiac Resource Page
BP Guidelines: When to Refer (PDF)
Cardiac Risk Assessment Form – English (PDF)
Cardiac Risk Assessment Form – Spanish (PDF)
Cardiology CME Lecture and Webinar Topics (PDF)
Cardiology Outpatient Referral flyer (PDF)
Cardiology Outpatient Locations (PDF)
Cardiology Referral Form (PDF)
Cardiology First Visit Information – English (PDF)
Cardiology First Visit Information – Spanish (PDF)
Chest Pain Algorithm (PDF)
City Call Flier (PDF)
Completion of Forms (PDF)
Fetal Cardiology Program (PDF)
Fetal Cardiology Team (PDF)
Fetal Cardiology Referral Form (PDF)
Pediatric Heart Programs (PDF)
Preventive Cardiology Program (PDF)
Preventive Cardiology Team (PDF)
Systolic Heart Murmurs (PDF)

Physician Outreach Team

Katina Hunter
Manager, Marketing & Communication, Physician Outreach, PR

Lauren Purdum
Physician Liaison

Shemeka Trammell
Physician Liaison

Holly Taylor
Physician Liaison

If you have questions or would like additional information, contact our team at

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