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Taking Wellness Home Magnet

Are you an employee of Sibley? If so, get your family involved in taking wellness to heart! Your family member can register and begin receiving Sibley wellness updates by going to:

Already signed up and ready to submit your wellness points? Then go here:

Family involvement makes all the difference when starting new, healthy habits. We hope you’ll join us in Taking Wellness Home!

Our goal is improve the health and well-being of Sibley employees and their families through health education and activities that support positive lifestyle changes. We are thrilled to be able to extend our wellness program to you!

One family member (spouse or adult dependent) is eligible to participate in the 2019 Annual Wellness Program.

Sibley Heart Center Cardiology’s ‘Taking Wellness to Heart’ program was established in January 2013. The program provides formal and informal activities designed to support and enhance the health and well-being of participants.

There are three requirements to complete the Annual Wellness Program:

50 Wellness Points- Sibley Sponsored Challenges

  1. Biggest Loser Challenge with WW
  2. 10K A Day Walking Challenge
  3. Real Food Challenge

Other Ways to Earn Points

  • 1 hour of physical activity* = 1 wellness point
  • 1 hour of meditation* = 1 wellness point
  • Sibley Sponsored Challenges = 50 wellness points each
  • Smoking Cessation Program (completed) = 50 wellness points

*Must provide physical activity or meditation log through App or tracking system. Turn in weekly or monthly.

As a wellness program participant, you are eligible to earn:

  • Annual Wellness Program – Wellness All Star t-shirt (Must complete annual program requirements and 2 out of the 3 Sibley Challenges)
  • Biggest Loser Challenge – 50 Wellness Points & Sibley Wellness Tumbler
  • 10K A Day Walking Challenge – 50 Wellness Points & Walking t-shirt
  • Real Food Challenge – 50 Wellness Points & Wellness Prize

The greatest gift you can give to your family and the world is a healthy you. 



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