9 Noticeable Signs of Possible Marfan Syndrome

Marfan syndrome is a life-threatening genetic disorder, and an early, accurate diagnosis is essential, not only for people with Marfan syndrome, but also for those with related disorders. Knowing the signs of these conditions can save lives

9 Noticeable Signs of Possible Marfan Syndrome:

  1. Long arms, legs and fingers
  2. Tall, thin body type
  3. Curved spine (scoliosis)
  4. Chest sinks in or sticks out
  5. Flexible joints
  6. Flat feet
  7. Crowded teeth
  8. High, arched palate
  9. Stretch marks on the skin that are not related to weight gain or loss

Less visible signs of possible Marfan syndrome:

  • Heart problems, especially those related to the aorta
  • Sudden lung collapse (pneumothorax)
  • Eye problems, including severe nearsightedness, dislocated lens, detached retina, early glaucoma, and early cataracts

This is not a comprehensive list of all signs and symptoms. Please contact your child’s doctor, if you child experiences any symptoms that concern you.

The Marfan Foundation #KnowFightWin