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pediatric cardiology

Our team cares for thousands of children each year through our inpatient services at the Children’s Sibley Heart Center, and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Cardiology one of the leading pediatric cardiology programs providing comprehensive services for patients with acquired or congenital heart disease. From before birth to age 21, our pediatric cardiology patients receive tailored treatment from one of our more than 50 cardiologists based on their development and condition at one of our 20+ locations throughout Georgia.

Our specialists are available to provide inpatient consultations and patient care at more than 40 Georgia hospitals through our City Call Program. With more than 40,000 patient visits annually, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Cardiology is one of the largest pediatric cardiac programs in the country.

Key facts


  • We have physicians on faculty at Emory University School of Medicine with a specialty in pediatric cardiology.
  • We offer inpatient care at Children’s Sibley Heart Center.

Patient age

  • Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Cardiology cares for patients from birth through age 21.


  • We have more than 20 pediatric cardiology clinics throughout Georgia.
  • Our physicians are on call 24/7 to consult at more than 40 hospitals.


  • We have more than 50 pediatric cardiologists on staff.
  • We serve more than 40,000 patient visits each year.

Other benefits

  • We offer interpreters and language services.
  • We have genetic counselors, as well as a nutritionist and social worker on staff.
  • We accept all major insurance.

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Learn more about Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Cardiology and explore what conditions we evaluate and treat, meet our pediatric cardiology team, and helpful resources.

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