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Coming Full Circle: Sibley Feels Like Home for a Globetrotting Family

When Megan and her husband Andy were contemplating where to have their first son, Atlanta seemed a natural choice although they were living in San Antonio, Texas, at the time. That’s because Andy worked for the San Antonio Spurs basketball team, and Ace’s birthday would fall in the summer, his busiest time at work. With Megan’s parents in nearby Forsyth and available to help, the couple’s decision was easy.

Megan had already found an Atlanta OB-GYN when her baby was diagnosed prenatally with d- transposition of the great arteries with intact ventricular septum (d-TGA), a type of CHD where the two arteries that carry blood from the heart to the lungs and body are reversed or transposed. She was referred to Sibley Heart Center Cardiology and met with William Border, MD.

The Sibley team was the first heart team we ever met with, and I have to say they have an incredible bedside manner,” Megan said. “They got us in with Dr. Border very quickly after we found out about Ace’s d-TGA, and they made us feel comfortable and welcome. The whole team was great.”

Although ultimately Ace was born in Philadelphia where he received a life-saving cardiac catheterization, Megan and Andy never forgot the care they received at Sibley and how Dr. Border helped them make some difficult choices for their son.

In 2019, Andy took a new job in Brooklyn, NY, and the family moved from Texas to New York. As soon as the first NBA player tested positive for COVID-19 and the NBA announced it would pause its season, Megan and Ace flew to Atlanta where she’s been since March 12. She took Ace to meet Dr. Border for the first time since he helped them make the harrowing decision about Ace’s birth two years ago. Megan was able to say, “thank you,” and Dr. Border was able to meet her happy, healthy boy. He will be Ace’s regular pediatric cardiologist when the family is in Atlanta.

“It was an absolute delight to meet Ace at the Alpharetta clinic,” Dr. Border said. “I felt that things had come full circle from the initial fetal consultation, and I got to enjoy seeing and engaging with a thriving toddler.”

Having a team of professionals that they could trust to make the best decisions and recommendations for their son’s care made a big difference in Megan and Andy’s comfort level with Ace’s complex heart condition.

“If I had any advice for other parents in our situation, it would be to not read too much about other kids with your child’s diagnosis,” Megan said. “They don’t have the same story as your child, and they won’t have the same outcomes. Work hard to choose a team you trust and then focus on listening to them. We’re forever grateful to Dr. Border and how he cared for Ace like his own son.”

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