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A Simple Word of Thanks Means the Most

In the early days of the pandemic, the staff at Sibley Heart Center Cardiology’s – Center for Advanced Pediatrics clinic felt the daily stress of figuring out how to work and see patients safely. They kept abreast of CDC protocols and guidelines, made numerous adjustments to their workflow, ensured everyone had proper PPE, all while maintaining constant communication with their colleagues to provide reassurance and leadership.

“We did a lot of team huddles to ensure that we were maintaining the staff’s morale and helping them to feel comfortable and safe at work,” said Latasha Ivey, Clinical Supervisor, Nursing, at the Center for Advanced Pediatrics. “We focused on constantly communicating the expectations and any changes that needed to be made. Our team was so understanding and accommodating. They really rose to the occasion.”

The patients and families at the Center for Advanced Pediatrics were vital to keeping the staff positive, Latasha said. When the families saw them taking every necessary precaution, they breathed a sigh of relief and often expressed their gratitude through cards and letters.

“The families always had a smile for us and would tell us that they understood we were going through a transition,” Latasha said. “It’s amazing how understanding they’ve been, and how much a simple ‘thank you’ can really matter.”

Latasha said the community has also supported Sibley, and she was touched by the gratitude one man showed her as she got out of her car in scrubs after a long day at work early in the pandemic.

“He said, ‘I don’t know exactly what you do, but I just want to say thank you for the service you’re providing,’” Latasha said. “That really lifted my spirits. For people to thank us for the care we provide means a lot, and we’re grateful that they trust us to take care of their children.”

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